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Capri Island - Research

Capri Island
Hospitality Listings

Welcome to the LodgingGuide hospitality research service's list of properties in the Capri Island area. This page shows area properties from an industry perspective. If you are looking to reserve a room, please use the corresponding HotelGuide page. The restaurants shown are only those located on hotel properties.

Branded / Chains (1)

Best Western Hotel Syrene
Via Camerelle 51, Capri
Vendors: 4

Independents (31)

Apartment La Casa di Capri
Via G. Orlando, Anacapri
Vendors: 1
Bussola di Hermes
Via Traversa la Vigna 14, Capri Island
Vendors: 8
Meetings: 1 room
Caesar Augustus Hotel
Via G Orlandi 4, Capri
Vendors: 4
Capri Palace Hotel & Spa
Via Capodimonte 2B, Anacapri
Vendors: 4
Meetings: 3 rooms
Casa Per Ferie Villa Helios
Via Croce 4, Capri
Vendors: 2
Gatto Bianco Hotel
Via Vittorio Emanuele 32, Capri
Vendors: 4
Grand Hotel Quisisana
Via Camerelle 2, Capri
Vendors: 4
Hotel Capri
Via Roma 71, Capri
Vendors: 4
Hotel Casa Caprile
Via Follicara 9, Anacapri
Vendors: 6
Hotel La Bougainville
Viale Tommaso De Tommaso, 6, Capri
Vendors: 6
Hotel Palatium
Via Prov. Marina Grande 225, Capri
Vendors: 0
Hotel Punta Tragara
Via Tragara 57, Capri
Vendors: 8
Meetings: 1 room
Hotel San Michele
Via Giuseppe Orlandi 5, Capri
Vendors: 2
Hotel Senaria
Via Follicara 6, Anacapri
Vendors: 2
Hotel Villa Sarah
Via Tiberio 3A, Capri
Vendors: 4
Hotel Weber Ambassador
Via Marina Piccola, 118, Capri
Vendors: 6
Meetings: 1 room, 250 sq ft.
Il Girasole
Linciano 47, Anacapri
Vendors: 1
La Canasta Hotel
Via Campo di Teste 6, Capri
Vendors: 2
La Floridiana Hotel
Via Campo di Teste 16, Capri
Vendors: 10
La Palma Hotel
Via Vittorio Emanuele 39, Capri
Vendors: 4
La Pazziella Hotel
Via P.R. Giuliani, 4, Capri
Vendors: 0
La Residenza
Via Serena 22, Capri
Vendors: 4
La Scalinatella Hotel
Via Tragara 8-10, Capri
Vendors: 0
La Vega
Via Occhio Marino 10, Capri
Vendors: 0
Luna Hotel
Viale Giacomo Matteotti 3, Capri
Vendors: 0
Via Caposcuro 12, Anacapri
Vendors: 1
Mulino Nihotels
Via La Fabbrica 9, Anacapri
Vendors: 2
Regina Cristina
Via Fedrico Serena 20, Capri
Vendors: 0
Relais Maresca
Via Prov. Marina Grande 284, Capri
Vendors: 4
Residenza Tiberio
Via Croce 15, Capri
Vendors: 0
Villa Bengodi Bed & Breakfast
Via Marina Piccola 6, Capri
Vendors: 0

Restaurants in Hotels (1)

L'Olivo Restaurant
Capri Palace Hotel & Spa

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